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With Faith in Europe I want to photograph the communities who worship old pagan beliefs. I want to see the people, the symbols in rituals and their special places used for ceremonies or rituals. The idea came from a similar story I made in West Africa some years ago. People were amazed by the nature religion they saw in my stories... I want to show this also exists in Europe, today.


So I started my photographic journey in Ireland, where a strong community still follows the old Celtic practices and have druid ceremonies. These groups come together at specific nights to perform rituals often based in nature. They stand in circles, use fires on hills or in dark woods. They often talk about the ‘spirit in nature’ and the ‘sense of something’.


It’s that ‘sense of something’ that got me more intrigued, so I am continuing my work in Iceland, with its large pagan community and I visited Walpurgis, the German night of the witches. All these celebrations happen on similar dates, connected to the lunar calendar and they all have a strong relationship with nature. Faiths lives in most of our stories and it's through these stories that Faith lives on through centuries. I am inspired to capture that sense of spirituality found in these places, and tell these stories of Faith in Europe.


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To continue  my photographic journeys, I am offering a selection photographs as signed prints. If you  become a member, by supporting the project financially, you may select two unique limited art-prints from my different journeys per year. These signed prints will be printed to museum standards and are an very affordable way to collect my  work.


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riverghost of wicklow by daimon xanthopoulos
walpurgis fire germany by daimon xanthopoulos

Riverghost of wicklow, Ireland 2016

Dancing witch in a Walpurgis fire, Germany 2016

Imbolc ceremony Ravenwoods, Ireland 2016

About Daimon Xanthopoulos

Daimon Xanthopoulos ( 36 ). I love to use photography to communicate with people. Communication visually intrigues me. Creating an artistic work that contains a story or kindles a strong emotion is the goal of my photography.


My stories are always personal  because I have a personal involvement with and curiosity about my subjects. It is this curiosity that leads me to travel and search for the images that I feel connected to and moved by: I never start a journey with  fixed ideas on the outcome of the work. I believe that in this way I can be more spontaneous and keep an open mind when photographing.

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